Bhubaneshwar Tour

Bhubaneshwar Tour:

A Tour of Bhubaneshwar City is incomplete without a visit to the following Tourist Attractions.

Odisha (Orissa) State Museum - The museum at the top of Lewis Road, or near Kalpana Square showcases some of Odisha (Orissa)'s finer archaeological remains and treasures displayed in various galleries. It has a magnificent collection of various archaeological finds including some Buddhist and Jain sculptures, copper plates, coins and donatives inscriptions from ancient and medieval Kalinga. It boasts traditional and folk musical instruments, heavy jewellery, ancient weapons, tools and some photographs. The highlight of the museum is the rare palm leaf manuscripts and a collection of antique paintings. The well equipped library of the museum has some valuable publications on archaeology, architecture, history, anthropology, philosophy etc. Monday closed.

Museum of Man - Also known as the Tribal Research Institute, located near the CRP Square, has collection of tribal dresses, weapons and jewellery representing more than 60 different tribal groups mostly concentrated in southern parts of Odisha (Orissa). Prototypes of the traditional style huts with authentic murals decorating their walls attract a large number of visitors. Sundays closed.

Pathani Samantha Planetarium - Named after the illustrious astronomer of Odisha (Orissa), the planetarium situated near the Acharya Vihar Square, features programmes related to astronomy in a domed shaped air conditioned auditorium. The sprawling 4 acre complex has well manicured garden around it.

Odisha (Orissa) Modern Art Gallery - Set with the sole objective to promote contemporary Orissan art, the Gallery at Surya Nagar has an array of work in oil and water, sculptures, serigraphy, etching, lithography, wood carvings showing myriad aspects of life.

Ekamra Haat - A showcase of Odisha (Orissa)'s art, craft, culture and cuisine, set amidst lush green environ, Ekamra Haat, on a 5 acre plot is managed by IDCO, on behalf of the State government. The architectural design and ambience of Haat matches the activities carried out there. The shops selling ethnic produce not only promote the traditional craft but provide a direct market access to the local artisans and weavers. The infra-structure and facilities also include an open-air theatre, lily pond with water fountain, food stalls, artisan rest rooms and info centre.

Other Tourist Attractions of Bhubaneshwar include:

  • BDA Nicco Park and Resorts at Madhusudan Nagar, spread over about 25 acres of land is a family entertainment park with different rides, games and a lighted water fountain;
  • The Rabindra Mandap Auditorium, a centre for regular music and drama events;
  • Ekamrakanan or Government Regional Plant Resource Centre in Nayapalli has a large rose garden, a lake and a cactus garden;
  • Regional Museum of Natural History, near the Acharya Vihar Square, consists of models and photography to create awareness about conservation of natural heritage and our rich biodiversity; Regional Science Centre, near Acharya Vihar Square , has four halls consisting exhibits to popularise science and technology especially among school children;
  • Kalanagar on Khandagiri Road, display handicraft items like horn ware, brass casting, terra-cotta, silver figurines and sculptures and paintings.


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