Culture of Odisha (Orissa)

Culture of Odisha (Orissa):

Culture of Odisha

Odisha formerly known as Odisha is the land of ancient Kalinga from where the light of Buddhism spread throughout India. Odisha has a unique culture and Odias call it Jagannath Sanskruti as most of them revolve around Lord Jagannath.

In history, the early period has records of the people of Odisha belonging to a race known as Odras and the name of their country was named accordingly. The people from the Odras racial community where those who were inhabiting this region and are believed to be the earliest Aryan settlers.

The people of Odisha being ruled by various rulers, their culture along with arts and crafts has also emerged accordingly. It is the language and the culture of Aryans seen in Odisha. These people who made their entry from the northeastern state can be defined as those very primitive nor can you term them to have a decent cultural background. Thus the present style of living of the Odisha people is a result of racial and cultural amalgamation. Also, the geography of the state contributes to its culture for the state stands as a coastal corridor between the northern and southern Indians and having a blend of the races and cultures of the Aryans and Dravidians. Though the people and the state are urbanizing, still certain primitive traditions and values are kept alive in its original or ancient form for the major portion of the state is largely in its rural form. The Odisha people are known for their rich cultural heritage and have an amalgamation of the Jagannath cult, The Vaishnav cult and Buddhism and Sivayat cult. Odia apart from being the oldest language of the state is also the most commonly spoken and the official language of the state where at least 85% of the total population speaks this language. There are also other tribal languages spoken by the different groups of tribal people.

Odisha's art and craft constitute a major portion of the culture of Odisha. The art of Odisha underwent myriad changes and is a product of a number of assimilations and imbibitions. Odisha is known for its sand arts, Patta Chitra, Palm Leaf Paintings, Jhoti, Chita and Muruja. The Odishan artists are unsurpassed in their skill.

Odisha boasts of a glorious tradition of dance and music. The figurines of dancers and musicians gracing the walls of the quaint temples in Odisha speak volumes about the rich musical heritage of the state. Odissi music is the classical art that has imbibed the elements common to the Hindustani and Karnatik music. The Odissi dance, Chhau Dance, Mahari dance, the Jatra, pala, and Daskarhia comprise of an inextricable part of the culture of Odisha.


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