weather in Cuttack

weather in Cuttack:

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Located on the confluence of the Mahanadi and Kathajodi rivers, Cuttack experiences a characteristic tropical climate, with hot dry summers and chilly winters. Between March and June, temperatures in Cuttack are at their highest, rising past 40° centigrade in May and June.

Between June and September, Cuttack receives the maximum rainfall from the south west monsoon, with July and August peaking to 250 mm a month. Temperatures are considerably lower during the rainy season, averaging around 30° C.

During the winter months from November to February, chilly northerly winds bring down temperatures to 15° C, though the bright sunshine helps maintain the pleasant weather.

Weather of Cuttack

Summer - March to May
Average Maximum Temperature 37° C
Average Minimum Temperature 26° C
Average Precipitation 40 mm
Winter - November to February
Average Maximum Temperature 28° C
Average Minimum Temperature 16° C
Average Precipitation 23 mm
Monsoon - June to October
Average Maximum Temperature 32° C
Average Minimum Temperature 25° C
Average Precipitation 220 mm


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