Public Health System in Odisha (Orissa)

Public Health System in Odisha (Orissa):

Health System in Odisha (Orissa) - Public health and measures to ensure a sound situation of this is of great concern to every state in the country. And Odisha (Orissa) too is no exception to this general rule. It is recorded that during the year 1998-99 about 1,352 Primary Health Centers existed in the state. The total number of doctors visiting these health centers in 1999 was 2351. This number was further followed by a good count of 998 Lady Health Visitors or the Female Health Assistants working at these centers.

But the most alarming fact in terms of health issues in the state remained that around 7931 children were recorded to be suffering from leprosy in the year 2000-2001 irrespective of the preventive measures taken by the state.

A sound development of children in the state has caused the state government to open up development and welfare centers for kids in the rural areas. By March 2002, there was a considerable number of Anganwadi centers working in the state about 21,629 in number.


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