Cuttack Tourism

Cuttack Tourism:

Cuttack City Facts
Road Distances Bhubaneswar 25 km,
Puri 90 km
Average rainfall 1500 mm
Climate in Cuttack average summer max 40° C,
winter min 13°C
District Cuttack
Best time to visit Cuttack September to March
Area 135 sq km
Population 6,53,000 (Census 2001)
Cuttack STD Code 0671
Cuttack Map

Cuttack City - Known as Abhinaba Baranasi Kataka in the medieval age, Cuttack is one of oldest cities of Odisha (Orissa). Resting on a fertile delta formed by the Mahanadi and Kathjori rivers, Cuttack is a commercial centre bustling with trade activities. Cuttack travel & tourism provides best facilities for tourists.

Spreading from east to west, a narrow strip of land is what comprises Cuttack. With two topographical divisions, namely, the hilly terrain on the west and Mahanadi delta plains in the east, this densely populated city is highly fertile. Owing its fertility to the water bodies functioning as tributaries of Mahanadi river system, Cuttack is a major producer of rice.

Around 30 kms from the capital city of Odisha (Orissa), Cuttack is best known for its internationally acclaimed art--the silver filigree work. Thin silver wires fashioned into exquisite jewellery, utensils and decorative items will simply take your breath away along with a heavy toll on your wallet.

The legendary skills of Cuttack artists can be seen on the stone embankments also on Kathjori River dating back to 11th century AD. To add more charm to the architectural skills of the people of Cuttack, stand the ruins of the Barabati fort, on the bank of the Mahanadi. Home to several sports events and cultural programmes today, the fort evokes brave memories of the bygone days. There is a very famous Hindu Temple coined Katak Chandi that rests at a strolling distance from the fort area.

cuttackA unique example of inter religion brotherhood is held upright by another popular shrine at the city named Qadam-i-Rasool. Acclaimed by both Muslims and Hindus, the shrine is surrounded by a high compound wall with rising towers at each corner. The shrine is marked for a rare music gallery built in l8th century AD. Another attraction at the shrine is the footprints of Prophet Mohammed imprinted on a circular stone in its central dome structure.

Known for its Durga Puja celebrations, the city offers immense shopping facilities. Silk and cotton being the major textiles of the region, Cuttack takes good care of your shopping spree.

Every public discourse at Cuttack is marked by brotherhood, tradition and history, some of the most predominant sentiments of people at Cuttack. With years of history to support them, the people of Cuttack are quite confident despite the fact that they have to witness some of the worst floods.

Unmoved by these natural calamities, life at Cuttack goes on amidst many celebrations taking place here round the year. This ‘live life king size’ trait of the Katakis is believed to be inherited by the might of Emperor Ashoka of Kalinga Empire. With several tourist attractions nearby, Cuttack remains one of the most essential links of the golden triangle tour to Odisha (Orissa).


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