Odisha (Orissa) Beaches

Odisha (Orissa) Beaches:

Odisha (Orissa) Beaches

Also famous for its beautiful Odisha beaches, Beaches in Odisha (Orissa) can truly engulf you in a holiday spirit. As you bask in the glory of a moderate sun here, the golden sand beaches leave you still asking for more. Lovingly embraced by the Eastern Ghats at the eastern coast of India, the state of Odisha (Orissa) is one of the most beautiful ones in India. And it is to the striking sandy beaches with white sands and various tribal communities living in the most aborigine style that Odisha (Orissa) owes its beauty to. With a vast coastline spread over a lush area of 250 miles, Odisha (Orissa) still houses some relatively virgin or quite unexplored beaches. Endowed with nature's bounty, meandering rivers, impressive waterfalls, forest-clad blue hills of Eastern Ghats with rich wild life, Odisha (Orissa) is dotted with exquisite beaches like Chandipur, Puri and Gopalpur on Sea with each having a unique feature of its own.

With each of these beaches having some rare features, the Odisha (Orissa) Beach Tour can prove to be a real food for thought. Due to their increasing popularity amongst the tourists and locals both, beaches in Odisha (Orissa) have started getting special attention from Odisha (Orissa) Tourism thus bringing about considerable developmental changes. As a result, Odisha (Orissa) Beaches are being flocked by an increased number of tourists with each passing year.

The Chandipur beach is special because it observes a retreat of the sea everyday by several kilometers. Similarly, the Balighai Beach attracts the tourists for offering a clear view of a river mating with the sea, an inspirational picture for creative professionals.


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