In & around Bhubaneswar

In & around Bhubaneswar:

In & around Bhubaneswar

There are many interesting Places to See near Bhubaneshwar. Check out Excusions around Bhubaneshwar.

Udayagiri and Khandagiri - The caves, 6 km from West of Bhubaneswar city centre, were chiseled out for the ascetic Jain monks, also has some inscriptions describing the exploits of king Kharavel.

Hirapur - 15 km southeast of Bhubaneswar, situated on the eastern bank of river Kuakhai, the shrine Chausath Yogini Temple in the village of Hirapur is dedicated to 64 manifestations of the goddess Shakti, who symbolizes female creative energy. All the images, called Yoginis carved out of the black chlorite stone in standing posture (0.6m tall) are placed in niches in the sanctum. The inner enclosure of the temple is a circular enclosure with no roof overhead, resembling a Buddhist stupa. In the centre, there stands a mandapa enshrining the image of 'Ekapada Shiva', an incarnation of the Shiva. The outer wall has nine 'Katyayani' images depicting feminine charm at its best housed in its niches. The miniature size of the shrine and its hypaetheral shape makes it an interesting monument.

Click Puri Atri - At a distance of 42 km from the Bhubaneswar or about 13 km from Khurda, the hot spring at Atri, near the famous Lord Hatakeswar Temple, is believed to have medicinal properties. The waters of spring with high percentage of sulphur bubbles up from the ground amidst paddy fields. The water is at constant temperature of 55°C is channelized to two ponds comprising a bathing complex for the visitors. The temple is the venue of a grand annual fair, Makar Jatra, on the day of Makar Sankranti (mid January) when the visitors congregate in large numbers to worship Lord Hatakeswar to fulfill their desires and bath in the ponds to get cure of their diseases.



nandankanan bhubaneswarNandankanan - About 20 km from city centre is a Zoo and a botanical garden surrounded by dense forest, famous for breeding of various endangered species, safaris and white tigers.

Pipli - A small village enveloped in a blaze of colour, 15 km South of Bhubaneswar, on the highway to Puri, is home of applique work. The craft originated to serve temples, providing intricately stitched coloured awnings and covers for deities and hangings for festival days, details on the craft.


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