Similipal Tiger Reserve Odisha

Similipal Tiger Reserve Odisha

Similipal Tiger Reserve Odisha, a compact block of eminent plateau lying in the core of the Mayurbhanj District. Spread over an area of 2,750 sq km, the stretch of forest which includes Similipal RF was declared as ‘Tiger Reserve’ under ‘Project Tiger’ Scheme of Government of India, with effect from December 4, 1973. With an area of 2271.78 sq km, Similipal RF is the biggest reserve forest block of India. .

Wildlife Attractions in Simlipal Tiger Reserve

A potential habitat a wide range of flora and fauna, the reserve gives space to a large number of tigers, leopards, elephants, chital, sambar and as many as 304 varieties of birds. Simlipal in Orissa is inhabited by a host of amphibians, aquatic animals and invertebrates. Being paramount in its wealth of biodiversity, the area has been declared as a proposed wildlife sanctuary on December 3, 1979 by the Government of Orissa. It was finally on April 23, 2008, declared as the Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary by the Government of Orissa in Forest and Environment Department after the settlement of all rights of the people of 61 villages.

Similipal National Park, located within Mayurbhanj District of Orissa, is a proposed national park notified in two phases – first on August 6, 1980 over an area of 303 km and later on June 11, 1986, an area of 542.70 sq km was added, to make its total area at 845.70 sq km. The national park is known for rich Simlipal Biosphere Reserve. Amazing Simlipal Tour can provide you the wonderful experience of thrilling wildlife.

While the forest lodge is located within the forest, you can choose to camp out in the open with the special permission of the forest office.


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