Weather in Konark

Weather in Konark:

Weather in Konark

Konark is a coastal town facing the deceptively calm waters of the Bay of Bengal. The town's climate is typically tropical, with the cooling effect of the sea making the summer evenings more pleasant.

The summer months in Konark from March to May experience high humidity, and maximum temperatures touch almost 40° C. The south west monsoon lashes its shores in June, and rainfall continues till October, with July and August receiving the maximum. Temperatures fall to around 25° C during these months. The region is also prone to cyclonic conditions during the summer.

Winters in Konark are far more pleasant, with temperatures falling to 15° C in December and January. The cool winds from the North North east and the bright clear days make winter the perfect time to plan a visit to Konark.

Konark Weather Information

Summer - March to May
Average Maximum Temperature 36° C
Average Minimum Temperature 25° C
Average Precipitation 40 mm
Winter - November to February
Average Maximum Temperature 28° C
Average Minimum Temperature 16° C
Average Precipitation 23 mm
Monsoon - June to October
Average Maximum Temperature 32° C
Average Minimum Temperature 25° C
Average Precipitation 220 mm


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