Gopalpur on Sea:

Gopalpur on SeaAfter Puri, Gopalpur is next happening city for its wonderful beaches. It is the place where you can give more exclusive time to yourself. Less crowd, serene environment, cool ambiance make this place a perfect destination to relax for a while.

16 km from Berhampur, the Gopalpur-on-sea is a popular beautiful sandy beach. Clusters of coconut and palm trees, white sand dunes overgrown with casuarinas plantation separate the beach from the blue waters of the sea. During the days of Kalingas it was known as the port of Paloura from which traders sailed as far as Java, Bali and Sumatra and piled up wealth dealing in silk and pearl. Later it was a transit point to export sugar and cheap laborers for the tea gardens of Assam in north eastern India. The crumbling walls and the pillars of an ancient jetty together with some crumbling bungalows are witness to its swinging maritime past.

Gopalpur Beach is a beautiful place to enjoy some fun time with your friends and family. There are a number of beach activities which people can enjoy at Gopalpur Beach. People can enjoy at the beach with different modes of entertainment such as swimming, horse riding, cruising and many more. Gopalpur is a bewitching seaside resort and there can be no better option than to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Walk around the beach, collect shells and first-sized peal-white conch, and remember all the beautiful moments of your life.